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     John and Gail Andersen have under their safe keeping four old "tourist registers" which have been handed down from owner to owner.  The oldest dates back to September 8, 1914.  All are filled with some of the most fantastic penmanship and fancy "swirl" font script.  Following, are just a few examples of some of the fine messages left by guests of yesteryears. 

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  "June/02 - Sept./08, 1914.  Mrs. F.E. Copp - Toronto.  People may come and people may go but I stuck around all Summer.
F. Edwin Copp. Toronto"

writ2.jpg (34314 bytes)

  "To Mrs. Nurse:
        Three Toronto boys extend their sincere thanks to one who has taken nothing as a trouble to make them wholly contented and comfortable during their short visit to Tower Farm.  Charles Jacoby, Thomas Caldwell,  Harry Jevons"

writ3.jpg (67394 bytes)

 July 25 to Aug 16 1921.  "Many memories cling to Tower Farm and the beauty of its surroundings, Pine Tree Hill, the Lake the sunrise and the glorious sunsets, must always be a sweet ??? to us from this our first visit.  We have enjoyed so much the peace and quietness of it all and leave with regret, wishing to return.  R. A. Williams"

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