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     Wolf Tower was built circa 1838, by the Rev. George Wilson Bridges, an Anglican Clergyman. It was a six-level octagon tower with an underground entrance. The Tower was made of wood, then roughcast giving it a blue-grayish appearance. 

" White Buck Leather Dressing" - a bottle of shoe polish (still usable).  The corked bottle measures about 6 inches tall. Box is cardboard.  Made by Domestic Specialty Company, Hamilton Ontario, Canada. We think its 1920's.  Can you help?
     The tower was named Wolf Tower by Catharine Parr- Traill during a visit the year it was built. Wolf tower was given to Thomas and Catherine Parr-Traill to live in, for one year, rent-free in 1846.   Catherine Parr-Traill started a book Canadian Crusoes (Later called Lost in the Backwoods) at Wolf Tower. She used many of the landmarks, including the Big Stone (Valley of the Big Stone) from the ravine and hills south of the tower.

    Bridges sold Wolf Tower to James Finlay. The Tower burned to the ground in 1856.  Finlay built Tower Manor house circa 1857. Finlay moved to Greenville, South Carolina in 1873.  Finlay sold Tower Manor to Richard Robinson Nurse, a farmer from South Monagahan Township (25 miles to the north) in 1874.  Around 1904 the house became a guest Lodge under Richard Nurse's son John and his wife Ella.

    A gentleman by the name of Charlie Coulston was the next owner for 17 years (1935-1952), followed by Stewart and Gladys Thompson for 20 years (1953 to 1972). Overnight stays within the Lodge ended in 1973. Harry and Mariette MacKinnon owned and ran Tower Manor Lodge for only 4 years (1972 to 1976) until John and Marilyn Stallard began operations in 1977.  John and Marilyn (1977 to 1985) turned things over to John and Gail Andersen in 1985.  To this day John and Gail Andersen continue to manage, own and operate their successful venture ... Tower Manor Lodge. 

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